Friday, February 20, 2009

Rotating Tongues 2

Don't miss Rotating Tongues 2 at the VAC.

You say Party! We say Die! - You're almost there
Kinky - Mis Pasos Tus Huellas
Clutchy Hopkins & ShawnLee - Song for Wolfie
The Lions - Cumbia del Leon (free former toddy psycho dub)
Adrian Sherwood - Hari up Hari
DJ Collage - Bombay Rokk
Kazi Arindam - Mere Liye Too Bani
Ananda Shankar - Metamorphosis
Nat King Cole/Bebel Gilberto - Brazilian Love Song
Odd Nosdam - One for Dallas
Flying Lotus - Breathe something/stellar sam
Restiform Bodies - Panic Shopper (Tobacco Remix)
Eleven - I Gotcha
Autechre - track 2 from Quaristice


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Anonymous said...

Big Up!!!

from DJ Collage aka Mr Chatman