Friday, May 29, 2009

Don't DJ and Facebook

Night Hawk - Mr. Oizo - Positif (Night Hawk Remix)
Eliot Lipp - Yeah
Extra T's - E.T. Boogie
The Clonious - One At A Time ft. Muhsinah
Lady Sovereign - Let's be Mates
Leo 123 - Music To Drive By Electro

This archive is cut off because I was trying to keep up with Facebook comments from listeners will DJing:


Friday, May 22, 2009

Planet of the Lemurs

All this talk of a "missing link" is just plain stupid. Do the mediators really have to dumb the science down to generate hype? It undermines the credibility of science and riles up the Creationists. I guess that's the way you do it, make up some emotionally charged BS and sell it to the masses in our newfound idiocracy. Cheney seems to be using that formula. I can understand manipulation in politics, but it really bugs me when we mediatize science and sacrifice accuracy. I'm not advocating for highfalutin geek jargon. I'm saying that it is possible to communicate the complexity of nature in the plain language of mass media. From now on I'm calling it the Histrionic Channel.

So here's a soundtrack for you to ponder the parallel universe where lemurs rule the Earth and the mediasphere.
Spam Allstars - El Lagarto
Ghislain Poirier - Ignadjossi feat. Jhonel (DJ Rupture)
KING TUBBY - False Rumour Version (DJ Kentaro)
Filastine - Fitnah (feat. Jessika Skeletalia Kenney)
Hudson Mohawke - Root Hands
Acid Wolf - Cherokee Lectro Mix
Quarta 330 - Sunset Dub
Rustie - Jagz the Smack
Black Moth Super Rainbow - Tooth Decay
Odd Nosdam - Kill Tone
Blank Blue - A New Design (School of Seven Bells & HHHN version)
Eliot Lipp - The area play
Black Dice - Night Creme
Moebius-Plank-Neumeier - Speed Display (1984)
Cherine Anderson - Shine On Jamaica


Friday, May 01, 2009

C4 Plants Eat More Carbon

I wonder if drought tolerant plants absorb more carbon if they are C4 plants and not carbon leaky C3 plants? That would be double the eco-karma if you planted C4, drought tolerant plants. Less water use, more carbon fixing. What species?

Spring in Boise is a oxygen rich, moisture laden, and fleeting affair. I wish the foothills would stay green until August. Get out there immediately before it dries up into a crusty mass of dead grass. Pretend it is millions of years ago and the climate is tropical and there are dense forests of avocado trees. I've heard there are avocado leaf fossils in the foothills. Anyone know where?
Make a rock sculpture for post-eschaton inhabitants to help them remember how to dance.

Here's a floaty cloud soundtrack to accompany you on your hike.

Dan Deacon - Trippy Green Skull
School Of Seven Bells - Chain
High Places - Sandy Feat (7" Version)
Panda Bear - Comfy In Nautica
Holy Fuck - Frenchy's
Ecstatic Sunshine - Herrons
Special FiloVision edition of Swampboy's Road Trips - How'd you hear about the Georgia Guidestones (1989)
Holger Czukay - Boat-Woman-Song
Brian Eno - Sombre Reptiles
Dorian Concept - The Fucking Formula
Prefuse 73 - I Knew You Were Gonna Go
Machine Drum - Conconcon
Onra - The Anthem

More on the Georgia Guidestones here.