Friday, February 13, 2009

East Bay Hip Hop

Restiform Bodies is playing tomorrow night at the Bouquet. If you can pull away from Rotating Tongues at the VAC, this will be a good show to check out. The hip shows we have been getting at the Bouquet are really interesting. It is the backpack kind of Hip Hop. Conscious. Literate.

African Head Charge - Belinda
Brian Eno - m386
Ratatat - Mi Viejo
Dropshadow Disease - Fototienda
Flying Lotus - Orbit Brazil
CYNE - Rippin
Restiform Bodies - Foul (walpaper diss remix)
Mr. Scruff - fix that speaker
Aether - Anywhere
Adrian Sherwood - Dead man smoking
Gang Gang Dance - Dust
CFCF - Crystal Ming
Kinky - Parel Volando
French Miami - Science Fiction
MGMT - Kids



joe p said...

error opening files. bad link?

Dev said...

Ahh. thanks for the catch. New servers. need to update the links maybe.

Dev said...

thanks, good catch! bad file name. all better now. a little bit of silence at the beginning. i wish it were easier to edit long MP3s.