Friday, February 22, 2008


Aerial Service Area - Another Green Airport
The Dark Side Of The Moog - Wish You Were There (part 5)
HiM - Moss Garden
Steve Reid Ensemble - Jiggy Jiggy
AFX - W32.Mydoom.AU@mm
Ladytron – Abercrombie
Deceptikon - Greater Cascadia Unified
Beck - Burro
Autechre - Basscadet (Seefeelmx)


What's going on with all these celestial and earthly events? Meteors, earth quakes, missiles fired at satellites, shuttle landings, lunar eclipses, and it snowed again today! ... it all must portent something. But what?

Friday, February 15, 2008

Land of Licoln

Beck - Electric music and the Summer People
Hatchback - Everything is Neu
Sorcerer - Airbrush Dragon
Windsurf - Future Warriors
LCD Soundsystem - Us vs. Them (any color you like mix by Windsurf)
David Axelrod - Go For It
Japan Cakes - Heaven or Las Vegas
Jim Rao and his Orange Cake Mix Orchestra - King of Inertia
Roy Ayers - Freaky Deaky
HAT (Haruomi Hosono & Atom Heart) - Arizona Analyzer

Idaho is a white man's word made to sound "exotic" and native American. Abraham Lincoln was present at the meeting where the name was born. It means potatoes and red-state now. But there is something else here too. You have to be here or listen in to experience that.


Friday, February 08, 2008

American Spirit

Winnie The Shit - Sorry I shook You (Decepticon's four minutes of apologies remix)
kid sister - let me bang
santogold - shove it
nina hagen - african reggae
macha - field recording of W. Sumatra - Talempong Pre-K Koran
The Presets - Are You the One (simian mobile disco remix)
Tycho - Sunrise ProJector (Dice remix by Nautilis)
lexaunculpt - pscape
Fred Everything & 20for7 Featuring Vanessa Baker, Remix By TRENTEMOLLER
ELLEN ALLIEN - Magma Remix (With Modeselektor Remix)
Cornelius - Point [Re: View Mix]
Scratch Pet Land - nanoloop and the championship 2 channel mixer
UI - The Sharpie


We need your help supporting the build-out of our FM hardware! Within the next week we need you to write a letter to the FCC to express your enthusiasm for our endeavor in a profound way.

On Feb 22, we will be applying for a BIG federal grant - one which could potentially cover 75% of our costs for purchasing equipment such as a transmitter, antenna and production grade studio gear. Overall such costs could run between $300,000 and $400,000, so the impact of this grant request is obviously monumental.

Please consider contributing to this fundamental component of our grant proposal. Letters should "document community support for and interest in the services the new facility would provide" - in other words, how would Boise Community Radio change your life and OUR community!

A few other specifics about how where/when to submit you letter:

- Compose on a letterhead, if you have one
- Addressed (but not mailed) to [NTIA/PTFP Room H-4812, U.S. Department of Commerce, 1401 Constitution Avenue NW, Washington DC 20230]
- Salutation should read "Members of Peer Review Panel"
- MAIL to Boise Community Radio, 1020 W. Main St #200, Boise ID 83702
- We'd like to receive all letters by Friday Feb 15.
- Email versions (pdf, word) are fine (to: jabrams at

We'd LOVE to receive a letter from you - it's vitally important. You are encouraged to ask friends and colleagues to provide their support letters, as well. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Friday, February 01, 2008

Obama Eve

O9 - Terminal Pink
Macha - From The Merak Loung
Dengue Fever - Seeing Hands
Dead Can Dance - Avatar (live)
Can - Aspectacle (Holger Czukay Edit)
Cornelius - Gum (Prefuse 73 Flavor Burst Rock Gum Mix)
Plaid - Assault on precinct zero
Aurra - When I Come Home
L'Trimm - Better Yet L'Trimm
Kid Sister - Control
Santogold - Switch and Graeme Remix
Venetian Snares - Pink and Green (VIP)


Obama is coming to Boise tomorrow and people are wooped up.