Friday, March 06, 2009

Satellite funeral

Here's the soundtrack to launch failure.

Forro in the Dark - Forrowest (Quantic remix)
Juana Molina - El Vestido
Lady Sovereign - So Human
The Whip - Divebomb
LCD Soundsystem - No love lost
Submarines - You me and the bourgeoisie (alaska in winter)
Chin Chin - Kings
Nat King Cole - El Choclo (Brazilian Girls)
Reader - The Antidote (Aether216 mix)
DJ Hell - The Angst (Henrik Schwarz remix)
Animal Collective - Summertime Clothes



joe p said...

the link to the music is broken on this one. says "error opening file."

can't wait to finally get to hear it.

Dev said...

Thanks Joe, dag-burn new server again. messin my files all up. i believe our instruments are back in order, presently.