Friday, November 06, 2009

I'm on a Disco Witch-hunt

Modern English and a fan at Einstein A-Go-Go 1986

Growing up in the '80s in a medium sized town in the Bible-belt, a "godsend" was a radio show called "Disco Witch-hunt" aired by WJCT the pubilc station. The max-headroom-esque DJ played super-underground mutant pop that you could not find anywhere else. Today with music blogs galore, the kids have no concept of indie radio being an oasis when you live in a culturally isolated place. I think it indie radio still plays a roll today. Especially being able to broadcast info about what is going on locally in music venues, record stores, etc. I'm really interested in hearing about where people get the 411 on music shows in Boise. Boise Weekly? Go Listen Boise? Record Exchange? Twitter? What else?

Gossip - Dime Store Diamond
The Staple Sisters - Slippery People
Suicide - Dream Baby Dream
Coati Mundi - No More Blues
The Raveonettes - Last Dance
Florence and the Machine - You Got the Love
Vitalic - Poison Lips
Junk Culture - West Coast
The Bloody Beetroots - Theolonius (French Fry Remix)
LCD Soundsystem - Losing My Edge
Neuronium - Decision


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