Friday, November 20, 2009

Beats of Doom

DJ KEMO spins some underground grunge to set the mood on The UNHerd(sic) 5-7PM MT.

It's a sign of the dark times. Half of the new music I've received in the last month is programmed for night gaunts. Music promoters are distributing dystopian soundtracks to accompany our descent into economic eschaton. There is some hope at the end of this set to complete the arc.

Lightningbolt - Rain on the Lake I'm Swimming In
K-OS - Zambony
Dark, Dark, Dark - Junk Bones Odd Nosdam Remix
Antipop Consortium - The Solution
BC - Ode to Gil Scott Heron Feat. Saul Williams
Bassnectar - Cozza Frenzy (Bassnectar Mega-Bass Remix)
King Cannibal - Aragami Style
Rival Consoles - Preoccupied Fashion Bastard
Tipper - Middle Of Nowhere
Boys Noize - Kontact Me
GusGus - Hateful
Bauchamp - Calypso
Claude VonStroke - The Greasy Beat - ft. Bootsy Collins
Matias Aguayo - Rlooerskate Marcus Rossknecht Version


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