Friday, September 05, 2008

Space without the Russians

How can we explore space without the alliance between the US and Russia? Soyuz/Apollo was the best mission ever.

Tortoise - Sexual for Elizabeth
Popol Vuh - in den garten pharoas
klaus shulze - floating
nomo - brainwave
Coloursound - Strange Lady
joel vandroogenbroeck & F. Voelxen - strange morning
Alamooga Esinlenmeler - haydar haydar
Brainticket - Egyptian Kings
Peter Baumann - city of light
Roger Waters - Dance of the red corpuscles


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joe p said...

i just happened upon your blog today. if i was a blog and believed in marriage, i would totally elope with filo vision right now, should it oblige.

seriously though. you're covering everything i love as well as everything i'm about to love. in the space-time continuum of music and love as light, you exist at E, or event. i, meanwhile, can be satisfied by basking in the light of your future light cone.

thank you so much for having this blog. keep doing what you're doing. it's amazing!