Friday, August 22, 2008

White Boi Disco and Jamaican Jazz

I was crushed - my favorite song coopted by a brand manager for a certain light beer with lime. Watching the Olympics, I kept hearing Santogold. In the commercials, in the segments about the Jamaican sprinters, etc. The network and the beverage maker, targeting me. You cannot escape Disneyfication of your own private culture. We all live in a Kingdom. How did I hear about Santogold to begin with? Is the music blogosphere more precious than old media? Somehow cooler?

Stop Smoking - Rich Medina
Evil Vibrations - Rebirth
Spread - Meikbar
Tombstone - Midnight Juggernauts
Shipwreck Glue - Kelpe
Konijntje - Willy Waartal (Meikbar & Melle Mels Refix)
Lights Out - Santogold (Diplo's Panda Bear mix)
sik latyfe - bulent ortacgil
holy microwave - datacide
don caballero 3 - don caballero
spinning away - brian eno
sombre reptiles - birdsongs of the mesozoic
hippie priest bum-out - LCD soundsystem
it's a secret - flying lotus
assoul - tinariwen


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