Friday, October 09, 2009

Monsters of Ambient

Here is a handful of tracks from a couple of rockers who made some electronic music in side projects. Also something new from the Engineers and their sources. Finally a few field recordings and treatments.

I was febrile for a couple of days and all I wanted to hear was ambient stuff. Nothing like a little super-ambo chillout to couple with the home treatment. Lots of tea. Watching the rain. Annual plant death. Yeah.

Aerial M - Wedding 3 (Flacco Mix)
Steven Wilson - Harmony Korine (David A. Sitek Magnetized Nebula Mix)
Bass Communion - [RAPOON] - clandestine report from the netherworld
Chad VanGaalen - TMNT Mask
Black Mold - Crooks
Engineers - Clean Coloured Wire
Harmonia - Watussi
Fennesz - Codeine
Chris Watson - night and dawn.biosphere
Chris Watson - Vatnajökull


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