Friday, April 10, 2009

Boise Creative and Improvised Music Festival

Kris Hartung came in to talk about the 4th annual Boise Creative and Improvised Music Festival which he organizes. Every spring, I look forward to this gathering of far out music. If you want to expand your musical experience be sure to check out this festival. Boise is really lucky to have something of this caliber.

Jim McAuley - Friday (8:27)
Emily Hay & Motoko Honda - Saturday Part III (8:51)
The Deep End Ensemble - Friday Part II (4:24)
Kribophoric - Saturday Part II (6:52)
Price, Grollman, & Menegon - Friday Part I (6:03)
Transhumans - Saturday (7:39)



rwalla01 said...

thanks to Boise Radio for supporting the festival! the musicians appreciate it.

--Rob Wallace

joe p said...

awesome show. are these performers all from boise?

got a some great links to other performances you might enjoy from improvising musicians:

sakamoto hiromiti of japan did a show in montreal featuring his unique approach to the cello:

set 1

set 2

also, mike tamburo out of pittsburgh:

Dev said...

Thanks @Rob for coming and playing. Boise appreciates your musical contribution.

Dev said...

Thanks @Joe, I will check the links out. Some of the musicians are from Boise. Others from Western states. Still others from Europe. AFAIK, there aren't a lot of festivals for these improvisers to gather so they tend to congregate wherever there is a good organizer. And Kris Hartung definitely provides a guiding force to make this happen every year.