Friday, February 15, 2008

Land of Licoln

Beck - Electric music and the Summer People
Hatchback - Everything is Neu
Sorcerer - Airbrush Dragon
Windsurf - Future Warriors
LCD Soundsystem - Us vs. Them (any color you like mix by Windsurf)
David Axelrod - Go For It
Japan Cakes - Heaven or Las Vegas
Jim Rao and his Orange Cake Mix Orchestra - King of Inertia
Roy Ayers - Freaky Deaky
HAT (Haruomi Hosono & Atom Heart) - Arizona Analyzer

Idaho is a white man's word made to sound "exotic" and native American. Abraham Lincoln was present at the meeting where the name was born. It means potatoes and red-state now. But there is something else here too. You have to be here or listen in to experience that.


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